What is YouBike


Chairman of GIANT Bikes / Bicycles Global Group

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    For residents living in New Taipei who have enjoyed the benefits of economic growth, but at the same time experienced significant increase in motor vehicles, they have also suffered from traffic congestions and health-detrimental pollutions caused by carbon emissions.
  As the growth rate of automobile usage out-paces the construction of public roads, the expansion of public roads becomes less practical of a solution to the traffic congestion issue. Furthermore, the vast majority of automobiles only carry one passenger yet takes up a significant portion of the pavement.
  What, then, will be the solution for reducing traffic congestion? I believe it is to encourage the useage of public transport systems such as the MRT and public bus services.
  1.YouBike is a sub-system of the MRT service. It provides commuters an alternative option to commute between locations.
  2.YouBike allows commuters to rent from one station and return at another. EasyCard, major credit cards, and cell phones are all accepted as payment methods for YouBike rentals, making it the most convenient rental system in the world.
  3.YouBike helps improve the urban landscape. The space previously occupied by unorderly motorcycles and private bicycles outside MRT stations will be replaced by the neat, stylish, and well-designed YouBike.
  4.As the rate of YouBike rentals increase, traffic congestion will decrease, and commuting around New Taipei will become more convenient and pleasant.
  If the distance of your commute is too far to walk, yet too near to drive, please consider using the YouBike sharing system. With frequent usage of the YouBike sharing system, we will improve our environmental landscape, reduce carbon emission, and create a healthy lifestyle that will further improve the image of capital city. 


Bike Idea

YouBike uses an electronic unmanned automated management system to provide “ A Leases and B Returns” bike rental service. We hope that bikes will be chosen as the last-mile public transit vehicle and more citizens will be glad to use the mass transit system and meanwhile, environmental protection and energy conservation will be achieved and a new commuting culture will emerge.


Bike Vision

  ● To elevate the positive image as an international environmentally friendly green city 

  ● To add value to sightseeing in New Taipei

  ● To improve the quality of life of the citizens and enhance their satisfaction

  ● To reduce use of motor vehicles and improve air quality and traffic environment

  ● To cultivate a trend of cycling and increase the number of cyclists

  ● To make New Taipei the first and exemplar city for bike commuting